Hi I'm Chatana Owner and creator of MinkLashLove and I'm just like you!  I wanted "the look" you know the one you see all over social media? I wanted those gorgeous full soft wispy beautiful lashes that I saw everywhere!! The only options at the time for that were lash extensions or glue on lashes, and neither of them were viable options. I'm a wife, mom, and performer and one busy lady. I don't have time for 3 hour lash appointments and the upkeep of extensions, not to mention the price. And glue on lashes left me in a sticky uncomfortable mess and still didn't give me "the look" I wanted.

MinkLashLove was born! All of your problems are solved! You can have that gorgeous look you've always wanted! We have all different styles to suit you, so you can still be you! Because let's face it YOU'RE AWESOME! You'll find our lashes so comfortable to wear since they are made out of a cotton band, you'll forget you have them on, because you have PLENTY of other things to worry about besides your lashes! Putting them on is a snap! Super Strong Micro Magnets will hold your lashes in place without a gluey mess. You'll be ready to go face the day or have a special night out in less time than it takes you to decide which shoes to wear! You are the reason we are here! We want to help you feel beautiful and confident, and to show you are as amazing on the outside as you are in!!


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