Eyelash Mystery

December 6, 2017


What is the deal with Benjamin Franklin's  eyelashes on the $100 bill? Never noticed it before? Well take a look at how it sits creepily at the top of his eyelid. How did the bill makers make such a mistake? After all they perfectly captured his green wavy skullett with their intricate green checkerboard matrix design. Or was it on purpose? Is it a way to catch counterfeiters who couldn't help themselves from fixing such a weird eye. Or is it a secrete message from the federal reserve letting you know they never blink? What we do know is that for much less than a Benjamin you can buy he perfect lashes from MinkLashLove.com and avoid this creepy bald lash look. And as for that eyeball in the pyramid on the back of the $1 bill, those lashes aren't half bad.

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