How to make your lashes look perfect

January 22, 2019

Some of the best things in life need a partner to make them be their best! This is certainly true when it comes to me and my spouse! And it is also true for today's topic. In our lash application card and video we talk about mascara being a must have when applying lashes. But we don't talk as much about another lash partner that when paired together makes your lashes be absolutely perfect! 


Today I want to introduce you to your new best friend EYELINER. Now you may already be aquaintences, maybe you've had a rednevous or two. But pairing them together in the correct way is going to give you the perfect lash!!

We cut our lashes to an "average" length, at times we tend to go on the shorter side, for a couple of reasons, #1 being you absolutely can't use a lash that is too long for your eye. #2 your inner corner lash hairs are so fine and short they aren't the best ones to attach onto for good grip and all day wear, so a few millimeters shorter and you can grab some heartier lashes to grip onto for the day. So if your magnetics are a little shorter than your actual eye, no fear!! Just put on some eyeliner (we have an amazing one on our website 😉)


to seamlessly blend your lash band across your entire eye. Make the liner go all the way down to your inner corner and put some mascara on those little corner baby lashes and you have amazingly blended magnetics and and natural lashes. If you want to be extra and and blend/fill in even more go on the underside of your lashes and fill in your waterline as well all the way across. This makes any imperfections in your lash application invisible! So check out this side by side, the only thing I did differnt was add eyeliner. I used the same mascara and same lash for each eye.





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